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Lists of UK based Investors

Clear Blue are the Investors' list provider of 'choice'; and no other list provider has added as much value to the direct marketing campaigns of those organisations who have used our Investors' lists.  We now maintain accurate & responsive mailing lists of Investors in the following investment types: : Alternative Investment Market (AIM) and Ofex, CFDs, Enterprise Investment Schemes, Enterprise Zone Trusts, Financial Spread Betting, Investment Trusts, ISAs, Technology Media and Telecom (TMT) Shares, Unit Trusts and Venture Capital Trusts.  

Please find below all our Investors' lists: if you would like further information on a particular list, click the 'View Datacard' button.  Then read a detailed description of the list that interests you and, if available, you can purchase a test quantity of between 1,000 and  25,000 records online, at discounts of up to 75%!

We also operate a refund policy that completely removes any risk from our customers: if you are dissatisfied, for whatever reason, we won't quibble and refund the purchase price in full. This refund policy is in place to guarantee complete peace of mind.


Name of list

Coverage Business/Consumer No. of records View Datacard
Investors in:        
Alternative Investment Market (AIM) and Ofex Shares UK Consumer 32,491
CFDs UK Consumer 17,602
Enterprise Investment Schemes UK Consumer 26,560
Enterprise Zone Trusts UK Consumer 21,953
Financial Spread Betting UK Consumer 29,602
Investment Trusts UK Consumer 156,722
ISAs UK Consumer 54,560
Technology, Media and Telecom Shares UK Consumer 131,590
Unit Trusts UK Consumer 201,433
Venture Capital Trusts UK Consumer 48,450


















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